Layne Bowler : Vertical Lineshaft Turbine

Designed primarily for heavy duty, continuous operation for irrigation, municipal and industrial needs.

Vertical turbine pumps are firstly invented by Mr. M. Layne and adapted for use in cased wells or where the water surface is below the practical limits, where other pumps can not do the same job. Vertical Turbine pump efficiencies are comparable to or greater than most centrifugal pumps.

The Vertical Turbine Pumps have three main parts: the head assembly, column assembly and the pump bowl assembly.
The shaft and column assembly provides a connection between the head and pump bowls. The line shaft transfers the power from the motor to the impellers and the column carries the water to the surface. The line shaft on a turbine pump may be either water lubricated or oil lubricated.

The oil-lubricated pump has an enclosed tube in which oil is lubricating the bearings. The water-lubricated pump has an open shaft. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped water. If there is a possibility of fine sand being pumped, select the oil lubricated pump because it will keep the sand out of the bearings. If the water is for domestic or livestock use, it must be free of oil and a water-lubricated pump must be used.

The average installation can expect extra-long trouble-free pump life.


  • Engineered models up to 7,500 l/s
  • Drive options
    • Electric motors
    • Variable speed drive
    • Engines with right angle gearbox
    • Belt and pulley
  • Provides high Total Dynamic Head (TDH) and flow rates with high efficiency

The vertical turbine pumps have been specified for difficult or unusual applications, such as limited floor space, reduced operating noise levels, high efficiency, high discharge pressures and unusual suction conditions as required for low NPSH.

Standard Features:

  • Self release coupling
  • High thrust bearing
  • Oil lube thrust bearing
  • Solid bar threaded shaft coupling
  • External impeller adjustment
  • Manual lube valve
  • Packed stuffing box
  • Cast head
  • Threaded column pipe
  • Steel line shaft
  • Bronze fitted bowl assembly
  • Bronze bowl bearings
  • Enclosed impeller
  • Tapered impeller collets
  • Stainless steel bowl shaft
  • Suction bell


  • Fabricated steel head
  • Various bowl materials of construction
  • Various bearing materials of construction

Market Sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural
  • Municipal
  • Mining


  • Service water storage and boosting
  • Excavation draining
  • Water pumping from canal, river or lake
  • Cooling tower water recycling
  • Water treatment plant recycling
  • Pipeline boosting
  • Storm watering pumping
  • Fire fighting

For more than a century, Layne Bowler has been one of the leaders in the industry, constantly improving designs to satisfy changing market requirements.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.