AcquaSaver : 1 Inch Mains Diversion Valve

Automatic hydraulically operated mains to rainwater changeover valve

AcquaSaver™ is an automatic hydraulically operated mains to rainwater changeover valve. Ideal for rainwater harvesting which switches from mains to tank whenever tank water is available and automatically defaults to mains in the event of a power or pump failure.

The 1" (25mm) AcquaSaver™ comes with dual 1" outlets which gives the consumers flexibility to use one or both outlets, which makes AcquaSaver™ unique and ideal for domestic and commercial applications.

The 1" (25mm) AcquaSaver™ comes with a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty and Lifetime Warranty on all brass components.

Product Features:

  • Easy to Install
  • Full flow 1” outlets
  • Solid Brass - Weather proof - Built to last!
  • No regular maintenance
  • No electrical components
  • No standby electrical consumption
  • Suitable for any surface and submersible pressure pump
  • No float required on auto restarting pumps
  • Can be mounted in any position and any distance from the pump
  • Can be mounted directly onto the pump
  • Certified dual check valve for backflow prevention
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Patented design
  • 5 Year manufacturers Warranty
  • Lifetime replacement Warranty on all brass components


  • Max mains pressure 1050 Kpa
  • Max pump Pressure 1050 Kpa
  • Max flow rate 200+ Lpm
  • Rainwater inlet 1" BSP F (25mm)
  • Mains water inlet 1" BSP F (25mm)
  • Outlets 1" BSP F (25mm)
  • Weight 1.9 Kg
  • Complies to AS/NZS 3500.1 when installed by a licensed plumber


  • Solid brass construction

Market Sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Residential
  • Agriculture
  • Golf/Turf Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Building Services