Pump Accessories : Flux Electronic Flow Control Switch

Electronic Flow Control Switch

Electronic flow control switch suitably designed to control the running and stopping of booster pumps with inlet pressure.

Flux is a device which starts/stops the pump as demand requires. The pump is started when a tap is turned on to generate a flow and is stopped when the tap is closed generating no flow.

Product Features:

  • Can be installed on any point of the line either vertically or horizontally
  • Ease of use and monitoring through status LEDS and stop/reset button
  • Fitted with an inbuilt pressure gauge
  • Tropicalised circuit board assures complete protection against moisture 
  • Systems protection against dry running and excessively frequent starts


  • Voltage: 230 Volt a.c.
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Max Current: 16 Amp
  • IP Protection: IP 65
  • Working temperature: 0 – 65 °C
  • Connections: 1" BSP female 3 piece union
  • Working/bursting pressure: 10 Bar
  • Weight: 970 g
  • AS4020 Approved


  • Tank stand boosting
  • Roof tank boosting
  • Main pressure boosting


  • FL16