Dairy effluent pumping at it’s best

When a local dairy farmer in Maffra Victoria with 750 dairy cows was having some difficulties with one of their effluent pumps they called on Brown Brothers Engineers to come investigate. The dairy effluent being pumped from the rotary dairy shed to the yard wash tank was getting blocked on a daily basis. The pump was becoming unreliable and affecting the day to day running of the dairy business.

Due to the nature and difficulty of the problem, we suggested replacing the existing pump with a Sakuragawa US-222AA Vortex pump with a multi radial vane impeller fitted with a mechanical agitator. The Sakuragawa US series pump has a powerful vortex action which greatly reduces the risk of clogging and has a reputation for its solids handling ability.

Once the Sakuragawa US-222AA pump was installed it did the job superbly and is now working reliably every milking session without the need to constantly unblock the pump everyday as had been the case in the past. The agitator creates a powerful stirring and pumping action and keeps the pit clear of effluent and sludge. The US-222AA reliably pumps the effluent up to the yard wash tank then is re-used as yard wash water. The Sakuragawa has proven to be more cost effective as less time is wasted removing and clearing the old pump each day.

All in all, the customer was very impressed and extremely grateful going on to say “It has been great, no need to remove and unblock all the time as previously with the old pump”.

Posted in Product News on 14 Feb 2018